Languages Commissioner of Nunavut (Canada)

Office of Languages Commissioner of Nunavut

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Canada, Nunavut

Name of Office

Office of Languages Commissioner of Nunavut


Name of Member

Languages Commissioner of Nunavut

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About the Member

The Languages Commissioner of Nunavut is an independent officer of the Legislative Assembly appointed for a five-year term by the Commissioner of Nunavut on the recommendation of the Legislative Assembly.

About the Member's Office

The Office of the Languages Commissioner’s mission is to promote and safeguard the language rights of Nunavummiut enshrined in Nunavut’s language legislation. The main responsibilities of the Office are:

  • To inform and advise territorial institutions, municpalities, private sector organizations and federal departments, agencies or institutions of their language obligations
  • To inform the private sector, municipalities and federal institutions of their language service requirements, and assist them in the planning and implementation of their Inuit language plan
  • To monitor territorial institutions, municipalities, private sector organizations and federal departments, agencies or institutions' communications with and services to the public
  • To investigate, or facilitate resolution, and to recommend corrective actions
  • To support and monitor the implementation of the Nunavut language legislation 

Key Information on the Language Situation in this Country/Region

The official languages in Nunavut are Inuit language, English and French and we have two language acts: the Official Languages Act(OLA) and the Inuit Language Protection Act (ILPA).

The OLA sets out service and communication requirements for the official languages. Members of the public have the right to communicate with and receive services in the official language of their choice from the Government of Nunavut and its public agencies, the Legislative Assembly and its institutions and the Nunavut Court of Justice and other tribunals. These obligated bodies are to provide an active offer and ensure members of the public can receive services from or communicate with these offices in their official language of choice.

The ILPA sets out to protect, promote and revitalize the Inuit language. The Act mandates the Government of Nunavut to take specific measures to safeguard the Inuit language. It includes:

  • Educational rights, early childhood education and adult language acquisition and upgrading
  • The right to work in the Inuit language in territorial institutions
  • The obligation for municipalities as well as the private and public sectors, including federal and territorial institutions, to communicate and offer services in the Inuit language.