In order to fulfil the mission of the IALC to support and advance language rights, equality and diversity throughout the world, the association is keen to attract more members. We therefore invite organisations who share the IALC's vision and who fulfil the Criteria for membership to join us.

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IALC Membership Criteria and Application Form 

New: Observer Membership

The members of the IALC voted unanimously in their Annual General Meeting in Bilbao in September 2022 to create a new category of membership which will permit organisations to gain access to IALC activities when they do not meet the criteria for full membership as described in the Full Membership form.

The purpose of the Observer Membership is to foster greater awareness, engagement, and collaboration between the IALC and other institutions or organisations who have a mandate to oversee language rights, but are unable to fulfil the criteria for full membership set out in the IALC Rules.

Membership benefits

Observers will have access to a diverse network of language commissioners, ombudsmen and other stakeholders, facilitating collaboration and the exchange of ideas and best practices. In addition, for example, Observers will have :

Full details of the Observer Membership policy may be found here:  IALC Observer Membership Policy

Please note that this category of membership is not intended for individuals or academic researchers who specialise in language rights and the work of language commissioners. However, the IALC would be interested in discussing all opportunities to collaborate with researchers on the IALC’s core aims of supporting and advancing language rights, equality and diversity throughout the world. Proposals for collaboration or research projects may be submitted to

Apply for Observer Membership: 

IALC Observer Criteria and Application Form